Mentoring Program

While a student’s greatest obstacle getting to college may be monetary, a persistent challenge, once at college, is the new academic, social, and cultural environment to be navigated. The advice and guidance of a mentor—a college graduate with perspective and life experience—makes a big difference in student success and career readiness.

“It is a fantastic feeling to have hundreds of individuals believe in you enough to support your education. They have made my life better and given me the motivation to achieve my goals.”

David Martinez, Class of ’09

The Role of a Mentor

At some point, students will probably want feedback on: choosing classes; interpreting communications from the college; negotiating new relationships with roommates; and possibly, dealing with being away from home for the first time. A mentor is someone who has been in their shoes, and has no agenda other than helping students to succeed. A mentor will check in a couple of times per month. Or, more often. It’s up to each student. Check-ins can be by text, email, phone, or in person. 

Current Philadelphia Scholars may ask to be matched with a mentor by emailing, or calling 215-665-1400 x3338.

Mentor A Philadelphia Scholar!

Mentors receive initial training from PEF staff and ongoing support.