Philly High School students are exposed to college and career advising through PEF programming annually


of our College Access students graduate high school on-time and ready for college


Philadelphia High Schools benefit annually from the talents of PEF’s college and career team


While there are many ways to give and support the important work of the Philadelphia Education Fund, know that no matter what form your gift takes, it will make a difference in the lives of low-income, first generation-to-college students.


Do you have a passion for education?  Are you eager to play a part in helping a young person succeed?  Whether you have a few hours, one day, or one year to give, the Philadelphia Education Fund offers a variety of volunteer opportunities.


When we come together in common cause, we have the power to make important and long-lasting change. Engage with the Philadelphia Education Fund and a community of education stakeholders in efforts to advance the conversation and implement approaches that enrich public education to the benefit of low-income students.


It is our aim to touch every Philadelphia high school student who lacks the resources and support to realize their dream of a college education.  For this, we need you! Sign up to promote the Philadelphia Education Fund. Help us spread the word and grow the number of people, including prospective donors, who are informed about PEF’s work.

Mentor a Scholar

Our Scholars face a new academic, social, and cultural environment of college. The advice and guidance of a mentor, a college graduate with perspective and life experience, makes a big difference in their academic success, social adjustment, and career readiness.

Help us make an impact