STEM Curriculum


PEF’s McKinney Center consults with in-school and out-of-school programs to design STEM lesson plans, curricula, and academic coursework.

What We Offer

PEF’s McKinney Center for STEM Education augments its teacher professional development with curriculum development. A few examples in PEF’s portfolio are:

Bright Solar Futures

In partnership with the Philadelphia Energy Authority, PEF is creating 1,080 hours of solar energy curriculum, including lesson plans that include solar installation basics, academic enrichment (such as math and engineering), and workforce development skills.

Clean Energy

Johnson Controls, Inc. is installing clean energy components in one Philadelphia School District elementary, secondary, and high school. PEF will work with teachers from those schools to create lesson plans to augment and enhance the school building modifications.

Twenty First Century Partnership for STEM Education

PEF staff are developing STEM lesson plans and curriculum units for Egyptian students, teachers, and teacher trainers.

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Nancy Peter, Ed.D.
Director, McKinney Center for STEM Education

“Like many of my colleagues, I was doing STEM education back when it was called science! Since then, the field of STEM education has grown exponentially on a local, regional, and national level. Why? Because STEM education and skills drive the 21st century workforce.

PEF’s focus, as always, is on the community we serve. We work to ensure that Philadelphia students have equitable access to robust STEM education.”

Dr. Nancy Peter, Director
McKinney Center for STEM Education