College Access and Success Ecosystem (CASE)


Working together to ensure more Philadelphia students graduate on time from high school and college by using data and serving as agents of information, access and opportunity.


​CASE is a data-driven, collective effort, with a goal of leveraging the talents of nonprofits, school leaders, government and industry to improve high school, college and postsecondary completion rates.



Since the Ecosystem’s official kickoff in December of 2023, the three CASE Action Teams (on-time high school graduation, on track to college graduation, and data & evaluation) have been meeting regularly to create a collective impact strategy for high school and postsecondary graduation.

Group of 5 high school students in front of a Philadelphia Education Fund backdrop.

Steering Committee

The individuals, and the organizations or institutions they represent (shown at left), who have signed on as members of the CASE Steering Committee are critical to the stewardship of the ecosystem’s common agenda to enhance graduation outcomes for all Philadelphia students. Thank you for being part of the leadership efforts for CASE!

Ecosystem Members

A full list of our current ecosystem members (individuals and organizations) is coming soon.

Upcoming Meetings

The next full ecosystem meeting will take place in July of 2024, stay tuned for details!

For an overview of full CASE ecosystem meetings click button below.

How to get involved?

Contact Ellen Ridyard ( Director of Collaboration and Partnerships at the Philadelphia Education Fund

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