College + Career Resources

For our young people, college is not just a way out, but a way up. Helping them recognize the limitless sky above them is the experienced team at PEF.

College Access Program

Our expert team of advisors work full-time within 16 high schools to introduce students to the benefits of a college education and to support them in their college access journey. 

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Through this online platform, students lacking the necessary supports in their school or home can gain access to critical college advising and counseling resources.

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Philadelphia Scholars

This program helps Philadelphia students, many of whom are first-generation college-goers, get to and through college. Scholars are awarded scholarships and are supported through our college persistence program.

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STEM Education & Careers

PEF seeks to inspire students’ interest in STEM education by exposing them to the diverse and interesting world of STEM careers. 

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Consulting Services

Through its consulting services, PEF works with teachers, schools, and districts to help them succeed in designing and implementing strategies that maximize postsecondary opportunities for students.

College Culture

PEF’s Philadelphia Postsecondary Success Program (PPSP) consults with principals and school leaders on strategies designed to enhance the college-going culture in their schools.

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Professional Development

Our professional development workshops address a wide range of STEM topics for educators in Grades Pre-K to 12, as well as, subjects for high school counselors.

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STEM Curriculum

PEF’s McKinney Center for STEM Education provides critical professional development to STEM teachers and consults with schools in the design of their STEM curriculum, labs, and academic honors programs.

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Education Conversations

As the leading convener of city-wide conversations on K-16 education, PEF curates forums at which those with diverse perspectives can come together to illuminate and educate one another. 

Education First Compact

PEF convenes a monthly education speaker series, entitled Education First Compact. From September through June, the Ed Compact team curates and produces sessions that attract the region’s most respected education leaders.

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Educate Philly

Educate Philly: A Gala Luncheon and Master Class is PEF’s signature annual fundraising event. This engaging event highlights the achievements of our students and features a moderated celebrity panel discussion on a key education theme.

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Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem

At 250 Members and still growing, the Ecosystem is a diverse and divergent community of STEM providers, working in collaboration to close gaps in STEM education for Philadelphia students and teachers.

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Author Series

PEF’s Author Series is a conversation on public education anchored by best-selling authors whose work inspires, engages, and challenges us.

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