STEM Career Pathways


​Students can’t envision what they don’t see.  So, PEF seeks to inspire students’ interest in STEM education by exposing them to the diverse and interesting world of STEM careers.

350 educators

participate in professional development each year

300 students

exposed to career presentations by volunteer STEM professionals

3 federal grants

to develop curriculum on biodiversity, clean energy, and women in engineering


PEF supports teachers interested in deepening the connection between the STEM content they teach and their students’ understanding of the careers to which a STEM education can lead.

Explore STEM Philly

Explore STEM Philly is our STEM speakers bureau through which teachers work with PEF to secure and schedule STEM career professionals for their classrooms.  Our volunteer speakers undergo a training and are aided in the design of their presentations, so as to maximize the engagement and interest of their young audiences.

Student In The Workplace

Through Student In The Workplace, PEF offers five day-long STEM career exposure field trips for cohorts of 20 to 30 STEM students and their teachers. Our STEM corporate partners, who open their doors, provide educational tours of their facilities, and coordinate career panels, are critical to this program’s success. As are we, they are committed to helping students understand that STEM doesn’t just reside in the laboratory—that it is present in the sports arena, at the airport, at a construction site, and more.


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What We Offer

STEM professionals visit classrooms as featured speakers, to discuss their career paths, and relate their work to STEM curriculum. And, partner organizations even host field trips so that students can explore and experience actual STEM work environments. These excursions inspire young people to see the rewards of pursuing a future in STEM.

Who We Serve

Students in district and charter high schools in Philadelphia


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