McKinney Center for STEM Education

Kelly Staskel smiling at registration table at CAP event

The McKinney Center for STEM Education is an initiative within PEF. Its vision is that all Philadelphia students will graduate from high school with strong STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) knowledge and skills, enabling them to succeed in a 21st century workforce and society.

STEM Resources

Looking for high-quality STEM programs and activities? Find our Philadelphia STEM Education Directory, Got STEM? Newsletter, Field Trip Guide, Outreach Guide, and a list of local, regional, and national STEM organizations and resources.


STEM Curriculum

PEF’s McKinney Center consults with in-school and out-of school programs to design STEM lesson plans, curricula, and academic coursework.


STEM Professional Development

The McKinney Center provides teacher training and workshops that cover a wide range of STEM topics and align with local, state, and national standards.


STEM Career Pathways

PEF inspires students’ interest in STEM occupations by exposing them to the diverse and interesting world of STEM careers and career pathways.


STEM Professional Networks

By working in partnership with local and regional colleagues, PEF strives to increase collaboration, reduce duplication of services, and identify and close gaps in STEM education.


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