Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem


We aim to promote and expand access to STEM education, by working in partnership to increase collaboration, reduce duplication of services, and identify and close gaps in STEM education.


In 2015, the Philadelphia Education Fund, in conjunction with 21PSTEM and the City of Philadelphia’s Mayor’s Office of Education, launched the Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem—an effort to bring together the diverse and divergent community of STEM providers. Today, the Ecosystem is 400 members strong.



What We Offer

Through workgroups, conferences, and biannual meetings, members articulate the issues facing STEM education in Philadelphia, organize projects, and take action.

As the backbone organization, PEF staff set the vision and mission, facilitate communication and connections among Ecosystem members, and ensure the continuance of the local Ecosystem movement.

Who We Serve

Philadelphia students, first and foremost, and their STEM teachers.

Contact: Betsy Payne at

Looking for STEM resources?

We’ve got a comprehensive list of STEM museums, centers, programs and activities including high-quality local, regional and national STEM programs and resources.