Tables in KCAPA gym for college fair

Students Meet College Admissions Staff at In-School Fairs

By Allison Kelsey Posted: December 7, 2021

Although we are again able to take students to colleges campuses, College Access staff also bring colleges directly to their students. Rachel Gerberick, PEF’s College Access Coordinator at Kensington Creative and Performing Arts High School, invited colleges to her school to meet students during their report card pick-up appointments. Among the schools attending were Temple University, University of the Arts, West Chester University, Army Reserves, Moore College of Art and Design, Penn State, Cheyney University, Manor College, and La Salle University. Teachers and students had report card meetings on the periphery of the gym, and after students could view campus videos and talk with college reps located at the room’s center.

One of the hardest nuts to crack is scheduling college exposure activities for large groups of students during the school day. This report card-college fair innovation really worked, and College Access staff plan to replicate this opportunity at future report card pick-up events.

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