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Scholar Spotlight: Rising Star Aslyn Anaya Planas

Posted: July 7, 2022

Aslyn Anaya Planas was recently honored as one of PEF’s 2022 Rising Star Award winners at the Educate Philly Gala. This award honors exceptional participants in our College Access Program, which helps students prepare for and apply to college. As a winner of this award, Aslyn is recognized for her outstanding efforts and successes as well as her remarkable potential and bright future. Aslyn is also a recipient of PEF’s Last Dollar Scholarship that helps cover the gap between the cost of college tuition and her financial aid package.

Aslyn is a recent graduate from Olney Charter High School, where she consistently made honor roll and earned a GPA greater than a 4.0; out of her class of 449 students, Aslyn graduated as #1. In addition to her academic pursuits, Aslyn volunteers at a nearby middle school, works as a sales associate at Old Navy, and cares for her younger siblings. Her College Access Counselor said of her, “Aslyn is an insightful, sensitive, and self-aware individual driven to explore a deeper understanding of the human condition.” One of her high school teachers similarly praised Aslyn’s character, saying, “Her peers at the next level will be grateful to have her, as will her institution, for the opportunity to watch her growth and, through her consideration and compassion and her listening, the growth of others as well.”

This fall, Aslyn will attend Thomas Jefferson University for pre-med studies, becoming the first generation in her family to attend college. She is dedicated to becoming a medical doctor and hopes to increase Latina representation in medicine and combat inequalities in the treatment of Latinas by health care providers.

Al Día recently published an article on Aslyn’s accomplishments and ambitions. Check it out in English or in Spanish!

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