Portrait of Allison Kelsey smiling

Allison Kelsey takes the helm of PEF’s Philadelphia Scholars Program

Posted: September 16, 2019

When Allison Kelsey started her volunteer career with the Philadelphia Education Fund, more than four years ago, she never expected she would one day be leading the effort to which she had committed so much of her time. A Philadelphia Scholars mentor, since 2015, this Fall, Allison was hired to oversee the Philadelphia Scholars Last Dollar Scholarship and to engage others to serve as mentors to the more than 100 students the scholarship supports. Frankly, the timing couldn’t be better, with Allison’s Philadelphia Scholars mentee graduating from college this year. As Allison would put it, she just posed the questions to help guide her mentee’s thinking, but it was her mentee that did all the hard work.

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