Developing the Next Generation of Education Leaders: PEF Partners with Penn’s Graduate School of Education (GSE)

Posted: November 10, 2019

Penn’s Graduate School of Education (GSE) program includes a two-semester seminar and internship entitled “The Informal Learning Experience.” This special course is designed for master’s students in Learning Science and Technologies (LST) and in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership (TLL). The goal of this course is to cover the theory, research, and practice of informal learning.

This year, PEF engaged four graduate student interns. Two of them are working in PEF’s College Access Program (CAP). Eden Liu (pictured) is supporting our College Access Coordinator, Kelsey Smith, as she provides one-on-one college counseling, and produces workshops and campus trips, for CAP students at Horace Furness High School. And, Gexuan Yu, who is integral to the team at PEF HQ, is expanding our capability for data and evaluation.

Two more interns are working in PEF’s McKinney Center for STEM Education. They have been crafting literature reviews for a STEM research article and new energy education curricula; adding new Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem members to an online database; and communicating with participants in, and creating the syllabus for, our 2020 PECO Teaching Fellows professional development series. Each arrived at PEF with distinct and sophisticated skill sets, and have since developed further expertise in curriculum development, teacher training communication practices and software, and website design.

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